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When I get older, I have very limited time to play games after work and life, but I still play a few FIFA games from time to time, which is a habit that has lasted for more than ten years. The era of rivalry between EA and KONAMI in professional football games has come to an end. The replacement engine "Pro Evolution Soccer 2022" has won the title of the worst game in 2021, while the enterprising "FIFA 2022" will continue to make small repairs.

I was the first to enter "FIFA 22" on the National Day, because I can't get the next-generation console, this time I still bought the XBOX One version. The digital version of the XBox version of the game on TB is slightly cheaper, and it can be done for 300 yuan. I used to buy the CD version before, but Xianyu’s FIFA was included in the list of banned games. The idle “FIFA 21” has been hanging for a long time, so this time I just bought the digital version.

After buying FIFA for so many years, I am already familiar with its price reduction model. Price-sensitive players can wait until Black Friday to start, and basically they can start with more than 100 yuan. So what are the highlights and pitfalls of this generation of FIFA? Here is a simple analysis.

Game screen keeps improving
It is said that the next-generation FIFA screen is more refined, and it uses more advanced motion capture technology to make the movements of game players more realistic, but unfortunately I have no chance to experience it. From the experience of my country's XBox S console game, it is basically the same as FIFA21.
The detailed features have been slightly improved, and the most intuitive feeling is that the fans in the stands are no longer paper people, and finally have a three-dimensional feeling. Another example is the noon game, where the shadows reflected by the stadium will change over time, bringing a more realistic game experience.

Better for single player
The game mode of "FIFA22" has not changed from the previous game, and it is still the fast game, UT mode, career mode and streetball mode. Basically, I only play the manager career mode, and I play FIFA as a developed football manager, dig out the calf, and by the way improve the level of the Chinese men's national football team.
It is gratifying that this generation of career mode players has a higher degree of freedom, in addition to customizing the manager image, almost all club elements can be changed. This includes club name, team logo, team home ground, jersey design, pitch colour and more. And the design of the jersey can also be changed every year before the start of the season, which is a great setting, so that players can have some freshness every season.
Players can even freely choose the team's goal, which is also a very real setting. real world
In the world, small clubs often sell people for a living and focus on economic benefits, while big clubs focus on team records.
A manager like me who is good at training the Mavericks can be described as a duck in water, and every year he can tap some young talents from the youth team.

Detailed technical statistics
To be honest, the changes in the FIFA 22 game system are relatively limited, but the technical statistics after the game are indeed very attentive, and all kinds of statistics are available.
The goalkeeper even has a dedicated save statistics page, and the analysis of the placement of the shot is more detailed than that of Football Manager.

More encouragement of physical confrontation
In fact, in the early days, FIFA encouraged tackles very much, but then gradually moved closer to the real situation, and the penalty scale became more and more strict. "FIFA22" has found a good balance, and players can choose a more aggressive defense method without worrying about grabbing the ball and sending points. At the same time, the computer player's defensive actions are also relatively large, often shoveling me like crazy, and the probability of the computer getting a red card is far higher than the previous game. But there is one thing I am very surprised about, the computer with one less person seems to attack more smoothly and it is more difficult to play.

The hardest generation of FIFA?
Basically, every generation of FIFA, I start from the legendary difficulty, and the results are basically mixed; but there are indeed some difficulties in "FIFA 22", and the AI ​​of the computer is really too powerful. The multi-player pass in front of the penalty area is like a 3D pool ball, which is difficult to break; deliberately maintain a distance and stand in position, and the opponent can often score some fairy long-range shots... In most cases, I can only attack with attack.
Fortunately, the effective offensive methods in FIFA 22 are still quite diverse, and long-range shots can also score goals.

There are a lot of bugs in the game
"FIFA 22" also has a lot of slots. For example, the goal of the enemy computer is always in the upper left and upper right corners, which is too perfunctory.
Also, the jerseys of the young players promoted by the youth team will never have a number, so I don't know what the hell they are.
If a player is injured and gets a red card, they cannot start the game by making substitutions. They have to go to the team's tactical interface to modify the lineup before entering the game.

In fact, each generation of FIFA is a dynamically changing game, and EA will constantly modify the difficulty and settings of the game by installing patches. For example, when I first started "FIFA 22", I felt that the rhythm of the game was quite slow, but after several updates, the rhythm is basically the same as "FIFA 21". I think the most commendable part of this generation of FIFA is that the passing system is more realistic and easy to micro-manage; and the optimization of the career mode really makes a single player like me quite useful.
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