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All versions of the new EA Sports Games are now accessible globally, and the series has pioneered many new features. The long-awaited time has arrived: on Friday 9 October FIFA 21 officially debuted. EA Sports, the creator of this game, believes that the new series is one of the finest in the last several years. And FIFA 21 has already won a lot of fans all over the whole world. Today, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about FIFFA 21, including release date, demo, cover star,price, new modes and more.

FIFA 21 Release Date
On Friday, October 9, FIFA 21 was launched. At EA Sports the initial plan was to launch the game in the final week of September a few days after it was released. The release date of the game was delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic. Users who order the ultimate or championship FIFA 21 have had complete access to the game from 6 October. The game will be published later on Playstation 5 and Xbox X series, near to the host launch date. The new platform is scheduled to arrive in November 2020.

Who is the cover of FIFA 21?
Kylian Mbapp é It's the star of FIFA 21. The forward has become the highlight of the original trailer of the game. In addition, the PSG star is one of the top 10 players in the game. Other players are considered stars on the cover of the game. Mbape's partners Neymar and Kevin debraune are the most reasonable choices. In the 2020 edition, Eden hazard, Virgil van Dyck and Zidane Zidane are the stars who sealed the game version.

Has FIFA 21 a demo?
EA Sports also published a piece of news on September 21, which shocked game fans: there will be no more demo in FIFA 21. For the first time in a length of time, there are no trial versions, free tests and limited resources.
According to the business, instead of releasing a beta, it is preferable to concentrate on offering a more value experience in the complete game.

What's new about FIFA 21?
The manner the game is played was always a major draw for FIFA. In the new edition, EA Sports promises a new dynamic attack system to reward players with innovation and skill. The agile dribble method enables players to work faster, control, quicker reactions and new abilities, such as Half Moon Dribble. FIFA 21 introduced a method of co-operation, altered rivals in the same region, selected letters, the preparation of the body and many new icons, fut and FIFA 21 Coins.

Wall football is back full-bodied, with new techniques and additional courts, including the Sao Paulo group. The conventional career model enables players to influence what happens to the team better. Lastly, FIFA 21 includes more than 30 official leagues, including the Champions League, the Europe League, the American Liberators, the South American Cup, the Premier League, the Bundesliga and the La Liga.

What is the FIFA 21 price?
Mbape Killian FIFA 21 21
All FIFA 21 versions are now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and steam. The pricing is as follows:
FIFA 21 "Normal Edition": R 298.90
21 "champions" FIFA 21: R$398.90
"Ultimate" FIFA 21: R $498.90

Which FIFA 21 gaming machines may be utilized on?
PS4, Xbox one, PC and steam can play FIFA 21. The game will also be available for the future ps5 and Xbox X series consoles.
The ps5 comes to Brazil on 19 November. On the 29th of the same month, the Xbox X series should be launched in China. In Google's stadium in 2019 it was announced that it did not have FIFA 20, but tried to develop the new games in the series. EA Sports stated that it is going to play its other games on the platform in addition to FIFA 21, including Madden NFL 21 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallon order. As regards Nintendo, the FIFA 21 legacy edition games with new jerseys and teams will be updated, but no new games will be played.

What are the FIFA 21 leagues, clubs and stadiums?
EA Sports revealed all the FIFA 21 leagues and teams a few days before its debut. Most of the world's largest clubs are included in the game, including the whole Premier League, the French league, the Bundesliga and La Liga, Milan, inters, Benfica and 13 Brazilian Series A teams – with medium-sized players. They are as follows:
Public relations sports
Mineiro Atletico
The Bay of Atletics
Saiala SC Botafogo
Saint Oce â Nico FC

What are the new models in FIFA 21?
Compared with previous versions, EA Sports is committed to improving several aspects of FIFA 21. Check out: in the career model, EA brings improvements in game playing, trading market and new training to better control the development of the team. In addition, interactive match SIM allows players to enter and exit the game to affect the progress of the game, and take responsibility at critical moments, such as penalties and free kicks, to change the result of the game.

In ultimate team, you can form teams with friends in fut co OP mode to compete for better rewards and customize the appearance of the team, whether on or off the field. For those who migrate to Playstation 5 or Xbox series X, you can move your fut club to a new console - click here to see a list of 10 premium and cheap players to shine in the mode.

Football has also improved at Walter. With Volta squares, three to five players can play online on the same team. In this mode, new stadiums in Milan, Sao Paulo, Dubai and other locations can be used. One of the biggest revolutions in football doesn't appear in the series's new games. VaR is not included in most of FIFA 21, because game developers prefer to focus on other aspects of game playing (especially because the referee of the game is a computer and is not affected by human error).

Despite a large number of leagues and club licenses, the team with Juve still claims that the uniforms of the Piedmont Calcio and the team follow the general rules, as the club is a partner of Cromwell's PES developer. For the same reason, Rome has another name (Roma FC) and universal uniform. Other teams with PES exclusive license are Barcelona and Bayern Munich, which appear in FIFA 21, except for their stadiums - Camp Nou and Allianz, respectively.

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