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League of Legends is an incredibly popular esports game that's still taking both gaming and esports by storm to this day. With thousands of new players joining Summoner's Rift in ridiculous numbers, where do you, the new player in League Accounts , begin? Who are the best champions to pick?


A champion or hero in any MOBA is the character on the map that the player controls. Each one is unique, and possesses at least – but is not limited to – four abilities which are triggered by the Q, W, E, and R keys. All champions possess one ability that is stronger than the others, known as an ‘ultimate’, which has a long cooldown and can only be used occasionally.

In league of legends there are over 100 different champions to choose from. Much like an MMO or class-based shooter, these can be divided into categories which pertain to the unit’s purpose within the team. Some are marksmen, some are mages, others are damage-absorbing tanks, and some champions don’t comfortably fit into any of these descriptions.

In a standard League of Legends match there are five champions per team. Each champion’s abilities are steadily unlocked and then upgraded by earning experience and buying items using gold. Key to both of these enhancements is the killing of minions – AI-controlled monsters that attack enemy fortifications and champions. Kill scores of minions in addition to racking up kills against the enemy team and your champ will become extremely powerful in no time at all.

There are five different roles at the moment in the game. Let’s have a closer look at the roles:

Top lane.

Picking Garen means you're all about the tank lifestyle. This burly gentleman is a defense powerhouse and should be built like one. His abilities are either gaining some armor/magic resistance or silencing enemies with his huge sword.

What Garen is known for the most is his E ability, Judgement. With it, Garen spins in a circle, dealing massive damage to his enemies. Let's not miss his ultimate, Demacian Justice, that quite literally drops a massive sword on your enemy's heads. Picking Garen means you'll be justice-ing in the top lane of Summoner's Rift.

Marksman. His primary role is to accumulate power and become a source of considerable physical damage late in the game. They often use special items that let them deal extra damage, neglecting the health point. Therefore, it requires a teammates’ support to survive long enough to strengthen up.

Mid laner.

Mid Lane, like Jungle, is a high responsibility assignment. And, to make matters worse, you’re against an opponent that’s looking to abuse you over and over again if you’re making mistakes.

Despite this though, it’s comparatively easier to understand than Jungle, and is extremely rewarding once you start to learn how to properly influence the lane.

Regardless, Mid is home to Assassins that like to roam around the Map and insta-pop their enemies, Mages that like to push waves hard and fast, and Fighters that like to dive under Turret and make flashy plays for high-reward. So, as you can guess, this is an extremely mechanical role and attracts players that truly believe themselves capable of carrying each and every game.

Support. They usually play around the ADC, providing heals and shields, using crowd control abilities like stuns or knock-ups to the enemies or just soaking up the damage. Another mission is providing a vision of the map for the team.

Jungler. Most junglers are extremely mobile, deal plenty of damage, and have good gap closers. Their mission is to aid teammates in gaining an advantage during an early game and keep the enemies occupied while their carries are accumulating power.

That just about does it for some of the easiest champions to learn in League of Legends. Who was the first champion you ever played? Here is a link to get further information about Top Cahmpions for Beginners in League of Legends or Sell League of Legends Account ! https://lol.igvault.com/League-of-Legends-Accounts We offer a wide range of LoL Account . Many of our accounts come with plenty of rare skins too, giving you a little something to show off.
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