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World of Warcraft Classic is a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG video game released for PC and macOS. Blizzard Entertainment releases the game in 2019, alongside the main version of the game. It was a recreated version of the game found before releasing its DLC pack, Burning Crusade. Furthermore, the game introduces an extensive customization system and brings various playable races and character classes to choose from. Selecting the race and classic isn’t easy, because it may determine your destiny and victory as well.

Eight Original Races

Till now, the game has up to eight original races available to choose from the following:

Night Elves
The Forsaken

Each race possesses unique abilities, powers, and skills that the player can use to take on enemies. During the game, the player navigates the land from an isometric viewpoint. His ultimate goal is to battle against enemies while navigating the ground to complete challenging tasks the game assigns. At the start, playing the game may be easier than having a teacup, but as the story proceeds and the game advances, the difficulty level starts to increase according to your skills.
At the specific time, you come to know that the race and character class you selected isn’t in your favor and can’t able to defeat the boss you are standing ahead of. Therefore, we bring you a useful Guide to master all Races and Classes in World of Warcraft Classic. Majority of races and classes are locked, and you can buy WoW Classic gold to unlock your favorite classes and races.

Nine Character Classes

Besides the eight races, the game features nine playable character classes; each one has unique powers, appearance, and unique attacks that you can use to take on enemies and their devastative bosses. The available classes are the following:


It would help if you kept in mind that only Alliance players can become Paladin, following the original version's footsteps and only Horde players are allowed to become Shamans. Did you know? Races and character classes are added in the DLCs can’t be found in the game.

Next to that, you must learn about three different roles found in World of Warcraft Classic. A few classes are specially designed for a specific role, while some classes you can mix with different roles. Below are some best roles and classes available that suits you.
Tank: It lets you play as a melee companion and controls Minion Agro while defending the rest of the team. The tank is designed to give the tough time to its opponents. The branches and classes of the tanks are the following:

Druid – Feral Combat
Warrior – Protection
Paladin – Protection

Healer: You can use healers to revive your party by merely healing members using powerful spells. The classes and talent branches of Healer are the following:

Druid – Restoration
Paladin – Holy
Priest – Discipline
Shaman – Restoration

Damage: You can use these characters in melee or range combats. Furthermore, characters of these categories are designed to deal with physical or mage damage as well. Possible Classes of Damage are the following:
Melee Damage

Rogue – Assassination and Combat Subtlety
Warrior – Arms and Fury

Ranged Damage

Hunter – Beat Mastery Marksman Survival
Warlock – Arcane Fire Frost
Mage – Affliction

All eight races are categorized into types, such as Alliance and Horde. Alliance include the following races, such as Human, Night Elf, Dwarf, and Gnome; meanwhile, the Horde consists of Orcs, Tauren, Troll, and Undead. Here’s a brief detail on all available races to learn how they work and fight.
You may don’t know that the Human race has various choices compared to other classes and races combinations. It includes the following Mage, Rogue, Paladin, Warlock, and more. That means you can play as a hunter which is the most latest in World of Warcraft.
Before starting the game, you should know that Dwarf can be turned into the following classes: warriors, rogues, paladins, and priests. You can use them to search out nearby treasure box holding five bonus gun skill, ten frost resistance, and more.
Night Elf
The said race can be hunters, druids, warriors, or rogues. You would be amazed to know that it is the only race that can be druid when playing in the classic. The race is empowered with the shadowed ability that works similar to Vanish of Rogues.
Rogues, Warriors, and Mages are Classic classes in which the player can turn after selecting the Gnome class. Because of lacking some features, the race is unpopular among other players. Upon selecting you to obtain +10 points of Arcane Resistance, along with 5% increased intelligence.
Introduction of All Races: Horde
You can use orcs race to turn into shamans, rogues, or warriors. The special weapon of Orcs race is the axe that continuously increases in power and allows you to damage enemies in melee combat. Using the race, the damage rate will increase by 5%, and you will obtain an extra 25% resistance power.
Whenever you wish to be druids, warriors, and shaman, we suggest you select Tauren as you race and jump into the game to grab +15 herbalism skills and more abilities. You would be amazed to know that the race gives you a 5% boost in health and +10 to Nature Resistance.
Do you wish to be mages, shamans, warriors, hunters, and rogues, then we suggest you select Troll as your race that serves as the most versatile class and comes with combo selection to choose from. It possesses racial abilities, offering up to 5% extra damage that you can use against beasts, and over 5% additional skills for melee weapons.
Selecting the undead characters may help you become rogues, priests, mages, warriors, or warlocks. The racial abilities include the following: Cannibalize lets the player recover up to 35% of health by merely absorbing a corpse using a powerful spell over seconds. During the game, the undead priests obtain two racial: Devouring Plague and Touch of Weakness.

Best Hunter Races in World of Warcraft Classic
There are only two alliance races available in the game, along with three hordes that can become a hunter. Their names are the following:

Night Elves

It would be best to keep in mind that all the mentioned races will boost the base agility. Although it doesn’t offer too much agility, it does offer the best amount of damage.
Mage Races in World of Warcraft Classic
You can be a mage after having two horde races and two alliance races. The available races are the following:


Usually, Gnomes are found the suitable race for a mage, and because of their intellectual abilities, they may prove a plus point in the battlefield. Similarly, the rest of the races have unique skills and powers that you can use during an epic battle against enemies and their bosses.
Paladin Races in World of Warcraft Classic
Unlike others, only the Alliance class is available that you can use to select Paladins. For that, the game tasks you choose from two different racers: Dwarves or Humans. Humans are usually chosen as a great for both Player versus Player and Player versus Environment in the game.
Priest Races in World of Warcraft Classic
You would be amazed to know that Priest is only the class with a unique twist, suffering from racial talents. Each race learns how to cast spells from challenging quests that are unique to the given class. The racial spells are the following:

Night Elf

Because of the racial abilities, you should choose more when considering to choose a race.

Rogue Races in World of Warcraft Classic
Becoming a Rogue is possible for all races in the WoW Classes; however, humans are considered the best option for Rogues in PVE arenas because of having better hit chance when using swords.
Shaman Races in World of Warcraft Classic
You can’t choose anyone to become Shamans, except for the Horde. You have to select three different races, including the following:


All mentioned races are suitable for the said race; however, trolls seem the perfect option for Player versus Environment matches because of their unique ability to mix Berserking with mixed abilities.
Warlock Races in World of Warcraft Classic
Choosing two alliance races, along with two horde races may open the way of becoming the Mage. The required races are the following:

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