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If you remember the old Statis Pro Baseball tabletop simulation game from the 1970s and 1980s, you are probably of a certain age. The game hasn't been officially produced for more than a quarter of a century, though there is a fantastic, modernized version of the game made by a smart person out there somewhere and distributed online.New York Mets Face Coverings

Dick Allen played seven seasons in Philadelphia, where he rose to prominence by hammering balls over the Coca-Cola sign and out of Connie Mack Stadium in batting practice. George Gojkovich/Getty Images
"My friends, these [negative] labels have kept Dick Allen out of the Hall of Fame," Schmidt said. "Imagine what Dick could've accomplished as a player in another era, on another team, left alone to hone his skills, to be confident, to come to the ballpark every day and just play baseball."Chicago White Sox Face Coverings

Maybe there's something about .500, about mediocrity, that these Phillies are simply drawn to. But also maybe there's a lot of chance in whether a team outperforms or underperforms in any given year, and if that's it, it's easy to imagine that the 2018 Phillies could have underperformed and won 66, while the 2019 Phillies could have been the overperformers and won 95. In which case, we wouldn't (yet) be talking about the failure of the plan but about how well it worked.Colorado Rockies Face Coverings

Without a mask, talking (reading a passage of text) gave off about 10 times more particles than simple breathing. Forced coughing produced a variable amount of particles. One of the volunteers in the study was a superemitter who consistently produced nearly 100 times as many particles as the others when coughing.

Allen’s former managers strongly disagree. Allen’s “teammates always liked him. You could go forever and not meet a more charming fellow,” said Mauch. Chuck Tanner, who managed Allen on the White Sox, said in a 1995 interview with SABR, “Dick was the leader of our team, the captain, the manager on the field. He took care of the young kids, took them under his wing. And he played every game as if it was his last day on earth.”Detroit Tigers Face Coverings

Dave Parker, Pirates, 1978: Any discussion of specialized baseball headgear has to begin with the Cobra. After fracturing his jaw and cheekbone in a home plate collision with Mets catcher John Stearns on May 30, 1978, he returned to the lineup a few weeks later and quickly cycled through a series of bizarre-looking attempts to protect his injured face:

Mlb Masks For Sale

* Ashwill said the Seamheads.com database was compiled from the ground up, starting at the game level with published box scores, newspaper stories, scoresheets, and scorebooks. So far he said it contains about 73% of the roughly 12,500 league games played from 1920-1948. Can the missing games be found and the stats assimilated to those that exist?

* From 1920 through 1948, the period of Black baseball that MLB is recognizing, official league stats, for the most part, were not published, said Ashville. When they were published, they were not complete. But there are exceptions, especially in the late 1940s, when season-end statistics were published for some years. Will MLB use the published official stats, or the stats drawn from box scores, or some combination of them (since the official stats did not cover all categories or all players, and also did not cover interleague games)?
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