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Keith Stawarz

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The first season of Diablo 4 is finally here, and it brings with it a rather lackluster Battle Pass. While the new "Vicious" feature is fun, the extra trim and grind leaves a lot to be desired. The entire season was built around Diablo 4's first battle pass, but it wasn't what many players were expecting. Players can prepare enough Diablo IV Gold in the game.

Diablo 4's battle pass works a lot like every other battle pass in the industry, but it feels much slower than the rest. Unlocking the next tier can take hours, and seasonal journey objectives make the process feel even longer. Everything about the system feels sluggish, but unfortunately, that's probably the point. Diablo 4 was criticized for its predatory microtransactions at launch, and it looks like the game's first battle pass will lead to similar complaints, as the small amount of earnable credits encourages players to spend more, while the large in-game time requirement means players may be forced to skip levels.

How Diablo 4's Battle Pass Pushes Players to Jump Levels
Diablo 4's Vicious Season Battle Pass gives players 90 different tiered cosmetic items to claim. These items range from simple emotes and weapon skins to multiple full armor sets. There's a ton of content to get here, and players could spend months trying to unlock it all. Anyone who wants to participate in the system can apply for 27 levels for free, or pay $10 to start polishing the entire system.

The structure of the Diablo 4 battle pass is very similar to all other battle passes before it. However, its progression feels rather tedious. The only way for players to unlock new levels is to collect a currency called "favors". The easiest way to gain favor is to kill monsters and complete quests for seasonal characters, but this method can feel very slow since these events don't reward much. Instead, players will likely want to focus on completing their Battle Pass with the new Season Journey feature.

The Diablo 4 Season Journey is where players can find their Classic Battle Pass objectives. It is divided into seven chapters, each with multiple challenges. These challenges award a small amount of boon, but usually take some time to complete. Once players complete most of the challenges in a chapter, they will gain access to more boons, resources, titles, and legendary aspects.

While it sounds like favorability is relatively easy to come by, Blizzard isn't making it feel like it's going to be quick. Season Journey challenges usually require the player to travel through the Shelter to complete. Players need to reach a certain level, complete multiple dungeons, conquer some of the hardest content, and even engage in some PvP. Most of these activities take a long time to complete, and there's no obvious way to see how much favor the next tier needs.

It feels like Blizzard designed the Diablo 4 Battle Pass for diehard players or those willing to spend money to skip levels. Players can purchase the Accelerated Battle Pass for $25, which allows them to jump 20 levels, or spend 200 Platinum each time they progress through the pass. While players who can put about 80 hours into Diablo IV should be able to beat it without spending a dime, other players may feel compelled to buy some skipped games.

Diablo 4's villainous season has been somewhat bumpy so far, and this battle pass doesn't help. Players also discovered that the pass doesn't even reward players with enough platinum to buy the cheapest store cosmetics. It feels like the pass is nothing more than a way for players to spend more money on microtransactions, since they might be incentivized to buy a small wallet to buy enough shop items. Instead of fascinating players, this battle pass design will discourage fans. For more game guides, please refer to u4game.top.
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Positive Reviews:
Impressive graphics: "Diablo 4" was praised for its sharp, detailed graphics, providing a more engaging and realistic experience.
Large open world: Open world game gives players a large space to explore, with many unique and lively areas.
New combat system: The battle system has been redesigned, providing a new and challenging combat experience.
Non-linear storyline: The non-linear storyline allows players to make many different choices and decisions during gameplay, creating a more personalized experience.

Negative Reviews:
Long development period: The project went through a long development period, causing some fans to feel tired and worried about the quality of the final product.
Balance concerns: There are some concerns about the balance between classes, and whether they can create a fair experience for all players.
Online only: "Diablo 4" requires a constant internet connection, which has caused mixed reactions from the community.
Microtransactions: There is concern that the use of microtransactions in games may impact the player experience, especially in competitive environments.

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