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The Lost Ark has a lot to offer players. From awesome classes like Vanguard or Warlockess to awesome modes like Dungeons and PvP, there's a ton of content to explore. However, if you're playing in PvE mode and want to create an awesome build, you'll need to be maxed out to access all of the content. So this Lost Ark leveling guide will take you from level 1 to level 50. Let's get started! If you use it, be sure to check out our Lost Ark guide to the best decks.

The special thing about Lost Ark is that you can reach level 50 in 12-20 hours. It all depends on how much rushed content you want and what you're willing to leave out. The main way to level up in Lost Ark is through quests and dungeons. You may think that the main quests are the most rewarding, and you would be right in your assumption.

If you want to level up as fast as possible, you need to focus on the main quests. However, if you are playing for the first time, we recommend that you enjoy the game and play at a slow pace. You can always restart the game with a different character and quickly navigate through the content and then quickly level up.

Anyhow, if you want to get to level 50 the fastest way, here's a general guide of what you should do. We'll give tips later on how to level up even faster. It's worth noting that in the EU/NA version of the game you start at level 10, so you already have a significant advantage!

Skipping the prologue
To level up faster, the first thing you have to do is skip the prologue. It takes about 20-30 minutes. You may think the prologue is important, but you get nothing from it. You get makeup glasses, but you can still get them later in the game. If you're worried about missing out on materials for upgrades, you can check our mining guide on how to catch up on the lost materials: the best mining spots in The Lost Ark and how to gather materials faster in the game.

Just focus on the main quests
Almost all Lost Ark leveling guides will tell you that the main way to get to level 50 is to just focus on the main quests, farming cheap lost ark gold. And frankly, they're all right. There is no better way to reach level 50. The main quest until reaching level 36 is orange.

Another benefit of just completing the main quests to level up is that when the character reaches level 50, you are nearing the end and unlocking new parts of the map. What's special about the side quests in Lost Ark is that they can always be picked up again later in the game. While they offer good loot and area completions, these aren't necessary to level up as quickly as possible.

There will also be some red quests from time to time. You can do this if you wish.

You should not miss any side quest, because it can help you enormously. Here you will learn about pets and get your own. Learning about pets will be a purple adventure. Purple adventure quests usually explain game mechanics or unlock new features. In the first city, you can learn about pets from a very early age. You will learn how pets work and in the end you will get a pet rabbit. But why are pets so important?

Well, when a pet is on the move, it's basically automatically looted. If you don't have a pet, you'll have to manually loot everything that's thrown away in the world. When the pet goes out, everything will be added to your inventory automatically. This is very useful for getting through areas quickly and collecting useful loot.
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